Our day was spectacular in large part due to the Sharon with Elope in Banff. She took care of everything; all we had to do was show up and enjoy!!! Our day was truly stress free. Our day exceeded our expectations and we could not be happier that we chose to elope in Banff!
Amanda & Sheldon

Friday, September 16, 2016

Elope on a Mountain Top - via Helicopter!

Photo of the Week

Not only did Allisonne and Terry get married on top of Mount Charles Stewart,
they also brought their best friend to serenade them while they
 took a moment to themselves and enjoy a romantic dance!

How did they get to the top of the mountain?  Helicopter flight!

How cool is that!

Photograph by Malcolm Carmichael - Alpine Peak Photography

Planner - Sharon, Elope in Banff
Package - Simply Spectacular

Transportation - Alpine Helicopters

Banff, Alberta, Canada.



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