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Dreamy Banff Elopement - Veil Wings: Trends and Traditions - Elope In Banff Wedding Planners and Photography

Dreamy Banff Elopement – Trends and Traditions

Veil, or no veil? This is a question I hear all the time from my Banff brides and couples.

You may have a family veil that was passed down to you, and so the tradition of the veil holds meaning for you. You might just love the dramatic effect that a cathedral veil can add to your ceremony entrance. My advice, follow whatever calls to you and reflects your personal style.

T’s choice to go for veil wings was one of my favourite style choices from last season. And not because it was ‘trending’, but because it truly suited her style and her soul. 

She was quiet, kind and gentle. She was always smiling, but also mysterious. We wanted to capture these traits in T + A's wedding portraits, and showcasing the veil wings added an opportunity to reflect the elusive softness that resonated from her.  

A castle in the mountains, flowing waterfalls, and garden dreams – this album really highlights the amazing variety of our stunning scenery here in Banff and available for your elopement portraits.

Elope In Banff wedding planning and photography will assist you in finding the BEST locations in Banff for your wedding ceremony and/or portrait sessions.

We want your rocky mountain elopement experience to exceed your wildest dreams, and for your portraits to capture your true and beautiful selves!

Thank you for trusting us to plan and be part of your special day.

Wishing you many years of happiness!


If you are planning an intimate elopement wedding in Banff or

 are interested in any of our packages in the rocky mountains,

we would love to capture your special day,

we still have a few dates available for 2023, and our 2024 bookings are now open, so be sure to contact us.

Banff Photography by Bryan White - Alpine Peak Photography

Wedding Planner - Christianne Ullmark , Elope in Banff



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